Internal Audit Co-Sourcing And Outsourcing Services

At JPCann Associates Ltd we support audit committees, management and internal audit functions through extensive training, coaching and technical assistance to both private and public sector institutions.

Our Internal Audit Services focus on business process improvement, financial audit, IT audit and compliance reviews. Our approach is to make the Internal Audit contribution relevant and to add value to the organization with sustainable management agreed improvement plans.

We do this through our team of knowleadgeable experts with indepth industry experience, innovative tools and methodologies in providing flexible world class solutions tailored to your specific Internal Audit needs.


[stm_icon_box box_style=”style_4″ alignment=”center” title=”Peer Review Mechanism”]

We provide peer review mechanism for Internal Audit functions in organisations to ensure quality assurance .


[stm_icon_box box_style=”style_4″ alignment=”center” title=”Co-sourcing Internal Audit Services”]

Co-sourced Internal Audit services is meant to compliment existing in-house Internal Auditing functions in very critical areas which the Audit team might not have the necessary technical expertise and/or augment a shortfall in staff strenght needed to execute the Audit Plan.


[stm_icon_box box_style=”style_4″ alignment=”center” title=”Full Outsourcing Internal Services”]

We provide full outsourcing services solutions to new companies or existing companies who have not established the Internal Audit function in-house but require such services to be provided. Under this service we report directly to the Audit Committee to ensure complete independence and objectivity.


Main Benefits

  • Allows you to execute your audit plan utilizing highly skilled, expert auditors skilled in an extremely wide range of areas.
  • Allows you to stay focused on your core business and strategic plan.
  • Eliminates the need to invest in expensive audit tools.
  • Provides the flexibility in deploying highly skilled auditors on a global basis who understand local cultures, customs, related laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Provides complete assurance regarding independence and objectivity over the Internal Audit function.

Auditing Case Studies

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