Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

JPCann Associates Ltd is at the forefront in GRC services. We offer broad services encompassing the corporate governance, risk management and compliance. We offer expert advice and support services in key areas including

Corporate Governance

Supports organisations in crafting, shaping and instituting key corporate governance structures encompassing Board Management, Risk Management, Strategic Repositioning, etc. that ensures that corporate and stakeholder objectives are met.

Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EwRM)

Our Risk Management services focuses on Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EwRM) and how to integrate these principles and methods into all processes, functions and activities within the organisation. We offer Risk Maturity Assessments, Risk Assessments, Analysis and Evaluation and support in risk reporting.

Services Include

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Core areas such as Liquidity Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Operational Risk, Counterparty Risk, Forex and Interest Risk , among others.


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We support organisations in maintaining excellent and robust IT Governance and Risk systems. Our IT Governance and Risk support services relate to IT Governance strategies, Making Business Case for IT Governance, performance measurement, Implementation road mapping, Communication strategy and culture, capability maturity assessment, IT Risk Management, Supplier or Vendor governance, IT Audit and Information Security, Legal and regulatory, architecture governance and managing IT Investments.


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Organisations are governed by regulations, statutory laws and legislations that impact on their activities. We support businesses in both the private and public sectors to be compliant to both internal and external regulations including Labour Relations; Health, Safety & Environment (HSE); Banking & Financial Services; Taxation; Financial Reporting; etc.