ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank  Period: 2016 Audit Strategic Plan, Audit Manuals, Audit Charter, Risk Maturity Assessment; Liquidity Risk;


NIB – Ghana Period: 2016 upto date Internal Audit Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2018


CORDAID – DDO Period: 2012 Financial Management Assessment and Capacity Building, Damango, Tamale, Ghana


USAID-ProMPT Outsourced Accounting Services to support the ProMPT Ghana  Period: 2012 - 2013 The Promoting Malaria Prevention and Treatment (ProMPT) Ghana project. ProMPT's support made significant and broad-based contributions to the achievements of the country's National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), part of the Ghana Health Service (GHS). These contributions include supporting the NMCP to improve malaria…

USAID-MCDI, Outsourced Payroll Management Services

USAID-MCDI, Outsourced Payroll Management Services Period: 2015 Outsourced Payroll Management services for staff of donor implementation agency Medical Care Development International (MCDI). This include paying local staff, PAYE deductions and returns, Pay slips and Pensions Management.

USAID-SFMP Computerized Accounting Systems Local

USAID – SFMP Computerized Accounting Systems Set Up, Implementation and Training of Finance Officers of six (6) local partners in Ghana Period: 2015 JPCann Associates Ltd provided QuickBooks installation, customization and training of Finance Officers for SFMP local partners involved in the implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Management Programme, a USAID funded five year project.…

USAID-SFMP Computerized Accounting Systems

USAID-SFMP Computerized Accounting Systems Set Up, Integration and Training of Headquarters (Ghana) Finance Staff Using QuickBooks, 2015 Period: 2015 JPCann Associates Ltd provided the setting up, customization, installation and training of key staff of the SFMP local Office in Accra, Ghana.


EU-REMADE- INTENT - Entrepreneurship and Business Development Orientation,  Period: 2010 - 2012 Provided training and coaching of both local and Dutch-Ghanaian Entrepreneurs on Entrepreneurship and Business Development Orientation. Supported and coached more than 15 of such Entrepreneurs in developing their Business Plans. Also support Dutch-Ghanaian migrants with Market Research and Business Setups in Ghana as…