USAID – SFMP Computerized Accounting Systems Set Up, Implementation and Training of Finance Officers of six (6) local partners in Ghana

Period: 2015

JPCann Associates Ltd provided QuickBooks installation, customization and training of Finance Officers for SFMP local partners involved in the implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Management Programme, a USAID funded five year project. The beneficiaries included:

  1. Friends of the Nation,
  2. Hen Mpoano,
  3. the Central & Western Fishmongers Improvement Association (CEWEFIA),
  4. Daasgift Quality Foundation (DQF),
  5. Development Action Association (DAA) and
  6. Spatial Solutions.

The goal of the project is to rebuild targeted marine fish stocks that have seen major declines in landings over the last decade, particularly the small pelagic fisheries that are important for food security and are the mainstay of the small-scale fishing sector.

Lead implementing partner CRC is working with a consortium of other international and local organisations namely Friends of the Nation, Hen Mpoano, the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), SSG Advisors, the Central & Western Fishmongers Improvement Association (CEWEFIA), Daasgift Quality Foundation (DQF), Development Action Association (DAA) and Spatial Solutions.